U.S. MODEL 1118
Used for felling and hemming operations on popular priced negligees, dresses and blouses made of "soft" materials. The 2 to 1 ratio stitch is used on soft cottons, silks and all light weight materials and the 1 to 1 stitch for heavier cottons, linens, etc.
U.S. MODEL 1118-N Strictly for hemming dresses, blouses and negligees made of nylon, tricot and fine silk. Produces a very narrow overcast stitch resembling a straight running stitch - a fine finish for conventional turned-in hems from 3/4" and up to 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 ratio stitch.
U.S. MODEL 1118-S For Qiana and similar type fabrics. Assures quality penetration and uniform stitch formation while maintaining complete control on lightweight materials.
U.S. MODEL 1118-HK Developed for fine silk, delicate acetate and "soft" synthetics. Gives quality results.
U.S. MODEL 1118-1 Handles synthetics, man made, polished cottons and other "hard" fabrics, including raincoats. Penetrates without blunting the needle. Gives maximum needle life.
U.S. MODEL 1099-PR For flat narrow even hems, folder controlled on dresses with circular or open-type skirt. Also adaptable to children's dresses and skirts. 2 to 1 ratio stitch for silk, synthetics and all lightweight fabrics, 1 to 1 ratio stitch for light woolens. Folder sizes available: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" in width. Positive folder control.
U.S. MODEL 1099-PR Produces Hand Roll Finish. Regular length stitch for lingerie, knit shells and dresses. Short stitch length for scarves and handkerchiefs. 1 to 1 ratio stitch. Folder sizes available: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" in width. Also suitable for knit active wear.

U.S. MODEL 1118-C
Universal Sportswear Models recommended to manufacturers of coats and suits for hemming where seam binding is utilized. Also used for raw edge finish. Features 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 ratio skip stitch. Equipped with swing away work plate for felling sleeves.
U.S. MODEL 1108-C Made on special order. For felling the bottoms of fine quality coats and similar garments requiring 3 to 1 and 1 to 1 skip stitch ratio.
U.S. MODEL 1099-CS A general utility machine with a 1 to 1 stitch. Fells the bottoms of all coats, jackets and skirts. Swing-out work plate allows padding of labels on sportswear jackets as well as making sleeve tacking a fast and easy operation.
U.S. MODEL 648 "Dura-Edge" machine is a must for manufacturers of coats with one piece fronts. Permanently fastens edges. Puckerless stitches. Ideal for medium weight coats and jackets.
U.S. MODEL 638 Face tacking machine offers absolute penetration on all weight garments. Two separate dial controls assure even, fine penetration. Elasticity of stitch guarantees quality results. Handles soft synthetic fabrics.
U.S. MODEL 638-1 The original hidden stitch machine for felling pinked coat bottoms. Superior stitch elasticity - Positively no impression on either side of coat. Positive control dials. Large work plate. For lightweight fabrics.
U.S. MODEL 638-1-S For heavy duty work. Takes thick seams without distorting stitch/or fabric.
U.S. MODEL 638-F For fake fur coats. Face tacking for facing. Leaves no impression on either side. 2 separate dials.